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This is a very funny and good game! A must play~

What an experience, you never fail to deliver Dema! I low-key hated parts of it cause of the anger you’ve caused me in other games 😅 but I liked the purposeful story to it. Voice acting was great too, good job! :) Game play is below if interested

Damn bro good game even check out my vid but not trayna promote tho :)))


muusic gooooooood


This was a lot of fun!! 


that was ....... something o_o

nice game dude ! , keep up the good work :D


Message me next time you need some voice actors. I've done that sort of thing on Scratch before, (Although its old stuff I'm not that proud of) and I'd love to be in a game.


mega funy, had a blast!!!!!! btw, is it possible for someone to find the secret qr code that's intentionally shaking to prevent you from scanning it? 


I tried taking a picture of it and then scanning it, all I got was an error. 😒


Nice dude it's Weird and Funny, nice work!



Giocare a questo gioco è stata un'esperienza divertentissima, specie nella sezione degli extra, dove ho trovato una marea di easter eggs e un sacco di persone da spingere nel vuoto XD in ogni caso è un gioco molto bello, ovviamente un po' corto ma comunque divertente.


Playing this game was a really funny experience, especially in the extra section of the game, where i found a lot of easter eggs and a lot of people to push in the void XD anyhow this is a really good game, it is obviously short but overall funny.


Oh my gosh I loved this game! It's got my kind of humor in it! So many people have done videos on this game recently. This game deserved a decent video made for it, which is why I made one! The sad thing is none of my videos never get noticed, so this will most likely end up with 2 views or something...


Loved your game Dema! it was super funny and also scary which is what I loved about it! (also yes youe Italian voice is cool lol)

I don't know whether i hate it or love it




ok, this game is funny. I love it. I hope to see more from you in the future

Btw if you are interested here is my video

Hi man! What a nice game!! Your so funny!!! I "try" to developing, but I'm not good like you... But... Anch'io sono italiano!! Ti auguro un buon sviluppo di videogiochi! 

Io sono un'italiano

This game is surprisingly really fun. So fun i played it 3 times! the only problem is that there is a slight bug which happens whenever i open the pancake room and they kill the ??? guy the game tends to not change the scene and i am stuck in there for eternity. Hope you can fix that and by the way. GREAT GAME OVERALL 10/10 

why is this game so much fun ?

Hey the game is funny and scary at the same time, the voice actors are good. If you have other games, please comment on the video and i'll check it out.

I enjoyed this game, start to finish. It was a nice, refreshing, funny, and immersive experience to say the least. This is hands down one of the funniest games I have ever played, and the pace switch was truly out of nowhere. Hope to see more like this.

This game was amazing i had to make a video on my channel and show my reaction . The fact the game was all cool inviting  me to a game show playing along and then switch up out of no where had me so scared. i did screamed a lot at the end but i never got my 1 million pancakes sadly. good job developers!! on the game. 

Nice game, very hilarious

Oh my gosh! This is so well put together! Great job!!

This game was pretty funny and had a lot of moments where I was speechless. Played it a while ago but Im not deciding to upload it. Also that lava level almost made me pull my hair out

i love it! it is a hilarious (not horror until the end of it) game and it is just so fun to play! one problem : press esc, you restart, and who got sisters knows what i mean, but i still love it!

Had a great couple of laughs, thanks!

looks great!

This was an extremely fun game that blended both comedy and horror together very well, would 100% recommend giving it a go! 

This was super fun! I would appreciate it if you could check out my video!

Really cool game!  I liked the game show idea for this too!  Great job :)

I made a funny video on this, anyone wanna check it out? I'll check out anyones vids too!

the best game.. no no hold on. THE BEST GAME!!

Thanks so much for asking me to voice act! I cringed massively at my two voice lines lol but enjoyed it all the same. I liked the more parkour sections of this game similar to that test in the original Confraternity of Toast and the maze too! 

Was good fun and I certainly wasn't expecting the ending lol.

Keep up your great games dude!

Love this game

the good side of

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This game was hilarious. I uploaded a video about your game a few days ago and I have been forgetting to let you know about it haha. I hope you enjoy this gameplay, this game was funny and creepy at the same time. Anyways, thanks for your time, I appreciate it and I hope I hear from y'all again.

Fantastic characters and animations heightened by the voices! Hope to see more of Bob again in another game one day! :D


I like this game a lot! Hilarious? Scary? How about hilariously scary? You decide 😂

I like until spook then no like

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