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i cant open it



make it free I am too lazy to download please


It is free, just click "no thanks, just take me to downloads." if you dont wanna pay.


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its an insanely hard game


How to download??

Click "no thanks, just take me to downloads." if you dont wanna pay.


love the simple but high quality gameplay! played it on my channel 

this game is...THE BEST ON ITCH:IO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



this game was awesome

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bellissimo, l'dea mi è piaciuta molto e l'esecuzione ancor di più, peccato che non si possa salvare il progresso però :')

 sapevo che dovevi essere italiano da quando ho riconosciuto dei riferimenti a Sio (Scottecs Magazine)


What type of joke horror game is this?? I have seen many bad games, but this one is just plain boring. I really don't see why you would waste time making this garbage.

If you don't want to play, you can not play

playthrough here:

Definitely enjoyed the easter eggs and the little pancake babies


This game is good and all but as soon as I hit the maze then the Exit i quite game not cause I disliked it or anything I like the game but it just annoyed me at that part

I knew it had Confraternity of Toast vibes before I played!! Youve come a long way, but  I feel as if some of the comedy was forced! Still a fun experience and worth a shot :)

im italian!!!!


el juego esta muy padre pero deverian de añadir el idioma de español asi mas gente lo jugaria

I firmly believe this is what the internet was made for, weird and slightly hard to explain madness.

I also feel like i need to file an official complaint because i was promised a million pancakes and i only got maybe 12.

but the host got eaten alive so now i don't really know who to talk to about getting my pancakes.

Sprites aren't loading on my mac?

3 Scary Games, 2nd Game I Play!!!

Hope You Enjoy!!!

does it automatically fullscreen?

I really like the concept of the game!

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I loved that 

cool game i like it but the maze is kinda hard.....

cool game

i cant play on mac

I totally didn't add that number lol

how is this scrrey it is not


How do i get subtitles like the youtubers' videos?

oh my god what is this game

Show post...

I watched BIJUU MIKE played it and it was funny as h*ck


this is the original squid game


... original with the addition of gluten!

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not well not that scrrey not scrry

This game is incredible! When I started playing it and heard the music I thought this was inspired by Squid Game, but this came out in April 2020? How did you come up with this? It's so good!

this is the best game ever

Quite a journey with a lot of surprises.  Unexpectedly good gameplay with such a simple art style.

I never knew the thrill of a million pancakes, this was amazing!!!!

pankekis >:D

Im still waiting for my million pancake prize. I would prefer them to be inanimate. Very fun game. 10/10. Would play this death game again... for the pancakes. Keep up the good work! 

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