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horror and funni!

pancake :)

Pls post instructions on how to to install the linux version.

This game should have instructions on how to download the linux version of this game. Pls tell me how to download the linux version.

Odlična smiješna i dobra igrica, ima svoju temu i koncept koji su mi se dopali, sretno sa gradnjom ostalih igrica!

aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! spoopy

i can't dowmload it

I can't play it

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Is the game actually scary I am a wimp to scary things



INB4 Pancakes 2, where the military goes after the killer involved in the mass murder at the Condominium, and later fight against pancakes.

Loved it and Yeah I cheated XD

it's cool game

This was the first game i played on PC, and i love it.

I love it! but (spoilers) when they killed ??? it didnt proceed.

Plot twist: The whole game was made to adverise elphant-pigs in space, so people would buy them

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More comedic than horror, though that not a bad thing. Love the style of the game and would love to see more from this studio.


Dope game, had a lot of fun with this obe and I even have 2 parts for it on YouTube


hilarious i loved it - def check it out peeps

I love that vid wow

Great game!! I had fun playing, raged a bit but I liked it!



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A very Nonsense Game, and fun as hell, but which presents some solid challenge. Congrats!

UN GIOCO  CREATO DA ITALIANI! NON CI CREDO! Bravissimi, i miei complimenti!


the pancake swore 7/10

Game is so weird... I think I won't eat Pancakes for a while...

It's good

are jumpscares here scary??

Nope! It's actually pretty funny. It happens in the 3rd Game, where you have to escape a house, the "jumpscare" is the face of... the people, so, not scary!

This game, was the best game I have played all year.   Like wow it was original, creative, and amazing.  And the sudden turn made it even better.  This is hands down my favourite game on   10/10

this game was rather enjoyable but there were some dull moments, overall it was an enjoyable experience for my friend. Please subscribe if you are interested in seeing more. 

Show me this man who made this soundtrack - a masterpiece. The voice acting is top, a little too long at some points, but bearable.

My walkthrough is in Russian. Starts at 04:49

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This game is a bit chaotic, but it has some genuinely funny and scary moments that I enjoyed. Overall, I enjoyed this game, but would like a little less randomness. 


One of my viewers requested I made a video about this so I just had to! Great game, loved it tbh lol Had some funny reactions too 

It can't be opened on Mac. Sad frog.

loved it

i played the game and it was really funny and fun to play. it would help alot if you could support my channel and sharing it

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