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i feel kinda bad because u are such a incredible game dev and i love all ur games but i cant actually suport u in any kind of money so the best i can do is play your games and wish u the best of luck in all your proyects keep that good work :) 11/10

I liked this game so much that i made a video of it! (now actually funny bc i have an editor now lol)

this is just lol

THIS GAME IS  SOOOOO BAD DO NOT DOWNLOAD i'm only seven yrs old and this is a scary game i do not like it 

I was pleasantly surprised! Everything about this game was hilarious! I won't lie though, the jumpscare did get me and made me rather scared of triggering it again after i found out what the crosses did.

Great little game! Keep up the good work!


See our full review here; (#6)

I can't stop laughing until the end!! It definitely one of your best games ✊✊

Well that was an experience XD I had fun with it

¿¿¿¡¡¡What Happen Really The Peson!!!???

Pretty much the funniest, and perfectly balanced random game i've played.  Absolutely fabulous <3  I enjoyed every second of it!

This game was an interesting one to say at the least. But it quickly turned into a rage game for me since im not good on pc lol! Would definately play a part 2 if there will be one

Finally someone made a pancake Heheheh..

woah, people still like undertale?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,marry me


gives off bfb vibes. i wanna sequel!

Make it for moblie please

Was comedy gold, horror part was great too; didn't expect the thing with the crosses. Very different from other games, and loved every part of it, even that 'cheating' in one of the games was seen beforehand and allowed. Loved the game, was amazing!

This game Is kind of like one of those really weird dream's that we all have from time to time that we just can not explain. YouTube: MrMBenting

I tried to pause by pressing escape but it took me back to the start without saving my progress  


i post content similar to this games style check me out!


This game was so dumb... I LOVE IT. Really. The comedy is great, even the voice acting. The design of the game really reflected how funny it was. I just had absolute fun from start to finish. Props to Bob for fighting the power.

how do i save the game cus when i exit the game it just does'nt save the game:(

This Was actually a psychological horror.

This was amazing! I had so much fun playing this ♡


Sorry Im to scared to download it.

Was fun!

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hey this is my take on the game it self and more parts are on the way consider subscribing for more content!

wasn't as scary as expected, but it was enjoyable-

I would like to create a game similar to this

One of my viewers suggested. Had a lot of fun!

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Really enjoyed this game, shows how far a game can go to keep a player envolved without tripple A graphics. Great humour and really enjoyed overall

Had an Amazing time playing this one XD, I knew it was gonna be an experience after "I am Bread"  Great games my guy! Keep making em :D


This is the most amazing/weird horror game i have ever played

Loved playing! it was weird, funny, and scary! The best.

This game should actually be on mobile its a really good game and really funny keep it up

This was really good! The progression through the game and the wacky story line behind it... Total greatness!! 

bad or good... 100% GOOD

It was a really funny game and I was confused why it was in the horror section in at first lol. But it still managed to give out a decent jumpscare :D

Starts at 8:27 good...........

I come from part of NicoCore

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A really fun game to play through you guys did a great job with it however It made me look like a complete idiot In the process with the red X's I made a short clip showing just how bad I was be great If you could check it out:

My second post on this page because I've made two videos on the game XD

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