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this was super stressful! but was a good and funny games so good job!

Funny, strange, and lots of fun. The voice acting was good too. 

Great work!

Youre game is awesome.

Dude this game was a heckin good time i laughed my arse off!!

Your game is at 4:20 (Nice)

Please make A public download of TPOGS Os when you make 1.1 of this game.

The game is free. Just click "Download Now" then select "No thanks, just take me to the downloads".

I ment the Thing you use to make TPOGS, Not the game!




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Absolutely hilarious! I really enjoyed finishing this game! It even spooked me a couple times! 

When a game, especially a "horror" game, can introduce humor into it, I have to check it out.  This game was fun, goofy, and gave me some good laughs.  I love games like these and I recommend you check it out for some quick laughs.

Is this a beta? It doesn't have a menu, a pause button, a skip dialogue button or even a save. it was also quite annoying that I had to restart the whole game because the guy fell into the floor instead of into the lava. I wanna see the rest of the game, but I don't wanna play it.



i like it

also pancakes

I demand a waffle-related spin-off.


I LOVED IT SO MUCH!! It's the perfect kind of random to make anyone's day. Super good job on the whole idea Dema and the voice actors were very good at making the comedy stand out more! Honestly loved it 


overall great game. check out my review at the end of the video

im also going to play some of your old games.


This is a really weird game, but it's still really fun

loves this game

Great game. Loved the weird humor lol.

but i cant buy it :C

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The game is free, you don't have to pay for play. Just click "Download Now" then select "No thanks, just take me to the downloads".

Thank you so much Dema Studios for allowing me to take part in this masterpiece. It was a little weird hearing my voice in this, especially since everyone else did a much better job than I did lol. But it was a lot of fun to play, charming and mind boggling! 

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13:11 ops... it's a bug. The voice of the initial dialogue overlapped with the final one. If you watch other videos you will see how it should be.

No worries! I figured it was a small bug. It didn't take away from the game at all! Great game!

The game was great. Tho I still could never see the elephant. :c


Sorry it took so long but Finally Grandpa Pancake has played the game :) 

One of the most unique games I've ever played! I had a great time with it! I have one little suggestion at the end of the video, but other than that I think it's a near perfect experience.

This was fun! And pretty weird :)

Some pretty funny jokes in here and great voice acting!


Another brain melting game, nice job xD




I loved this game! Very funny stuff. Couldn't stop laughing. Can't wait to see what you'll make next!

This game was amazing! from the voice acting and story plot, everything was fun and silly, overall a wholesome game for a good set of laughs, i wanna say thanks to the Devs and youtubers for the great work, cant wait to see the next game :D

As one of the voice actors thanks! It was a blast to record.


I'm glad I got this experience. The ending was hilarious.

Very dorky and fun game


We have so v uh fun? Do u have fun with this? 

Good or Bad?....

Hi ..... can I play plz?....


Another great game. Just as strange and weird as you would expect with these games but all very playable and all very enjoyable. Great stuff... :)



Thanks again for asking me to be apart of this! Loved doing it and loved playing the game! 


Thanks developer for letting me lend my voice to this game! It was great to be able to finally play it!

I thought your lines were great!

Your's were great as well! It was neat to hear the other parts lol

Awesome Experience I like it but I cheated at some point :D Thanks for the game :)


This was the gift that kept on giving! I loved absolutely everything about this!

Thank you for playing!

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wow, i like the game so much. specially the sacrifice tower part!

nice italian voice ;-)

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I've never been someones favourite before :) thank you

I like pancakes, and as usual just as strange.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

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