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This is a strange and rage educing game, but I really liked it.  It is challenging and does not hold your hand, but that is a good thing in my opinion. It is very creative and worth a try if you are looking for something different from the norm. You can watch me go from sane to the brink of insanity and back in my lets play.  


This is officially the weirdest game I have ever played. But I LOVE IT! This game is about toast. Yes, toast. And cults. And a labyrinth. and the police. And parkour. This game is quite possibly the best game I have played in years. It is strange, it is challenging, it is weird, it is RAGE INDUCING, and above all, it is AWESOME!!!!!!

check out my gameplay if you d like? :D

I'm baaaack! After wading through the swamp of weird emotions that was Bill's Hotel, I knew that The Confraternity of Toast was next on my hit list!

Where do I begin with my review of this one? It's delightfully surreal, and is a mixture of maze running, rage platforming and skin-crawling psychological horror (provided that toast strikes the fear of the gods into you).

As the game progresses we can see that there are certain slices who aren't exactly happy with their doughy regime and have taken to fighting back... mostly with abstract graffiti, but everyone has to start somewhere! Our choice then become whether to become initiated or reject the loaf society.

It's honestly a wonderfully odd time, and despite the parkour section nearly killing me off, it was totally worth it in the end! Definitely worth a go!

Keep up the awesome work Dema, looking forward to your next oddity! =)

Worst game engine, but the actual game is still best!

You should add an even harder parkour course in the extra room

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Goz is left with no choice but to complete 3 grueling test in order to join an exclusive club... for toast? 

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Yeah so this happened. Worth a look if you like parkour, confusion, and toast.

Thanks for playing!

I had a good time making this video. The world was interesting and I was eager to see more, but I couldn't get past the platforming section. If the platforms were slightly larger or there were some checkpoints I'd probably have no issue with it. It just felt very imprecise and slightly frustrating. Other than that I think things were off to a good start. I'd love to see the mystery unraveled, just couldn't make it quite far enough.


R.I.P. Toast (4:07) :(

He will be remembered. 💀⚰️

That was weird, yet an interesting experience. What I didn't like is lack of horror element, I've only encountered one jumpscare, but other than that it was bizarre, bizarre in a good sense.


This wa
This was a real weird one for me, by far probably one of the weirdest I'll ever play, but hey!  That makes it all the better!  Was a ton of fun to play, thanks for the game!

Thanks for playing!


What a trip this game was, I laughed, I cried, I raged. All-in-all, it played and controlled well, and I enjoyed it. Just pls, no more parkour, never again ;-;

Thanks for playing! Parkour is fun!  \(^-^)/

Very interesting game, very weird as well, but i enjoyed it nonetheless, sorry if i messed up the thumbnail i might've made it when i was half asleep

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This game was a trip haha, I look forward to playing your other work :)

This game confused, scared and made me rage all in one, so well done! I was left wanting to know more about the confraternity and whats the real story with the protagonist. Great job dude, keep up the awesome work!!



This is a  really odd game.  I'm still not sure if I found the ending or just screwed up... Anyway, fun game.  

Thanks for comment!

Grammatical error in the description : you will only have to go three tests and then you will be forever one of us! you mean " you will only have to go on rthree tests

Was not expecting the game to be how it was. Platformer part was really ragey lol, but it still was really enjoyable. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this game. I thought it was very clever and look forward to looking through the rest of your catalog! 


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Hey there, just posted a video for your game.  Loved the atmosphere, the parkour section made me want to end my own life. I'm pretty sure that was the idea, though. Great job!

Great game! Not at all what i expected, well put together, and overall a true recommendation from me! not a fan of the parkour, and neither was my desk... 

This is my own personal hell. 7/10 very good

Much harder than I expected it would be

Loved it!!

Dema hey? TOP fan i assume?

Great game too, well done!

This game was pretty great, shortened the video so viewers wouldn't get bored, creepy yet fun

Welcome to one of the strangest games I’ve played followed by PURE RAGE. Hope you enjoy.


this game was so cool but weird at the same time ( in a good way ) can't believe what happened at the end XD great job on creating this game!!

This game was really Fun, Challenging, Rage inducing, But enjoyable to play! 10/10 Would recommend! 


Didn't know this was a rage game....good lord.


really fun game like the toast idea  also like how you made the game very wired and funny at the same time if that is what you were going for then you spot on i was so confused the whole play through cant wait for more!!

Interesting game that was a bit too hard for me. Stopped at the platforming. Love the minimalist style. 


I LOVED the game. I couldn't get past the parkor part of it sadly and it got me really frustrated but it was still a great game from my experiance, I'm definitely going to finish this on my own.


This is frustratingly hard but worth it... I imagine.

Crazy in depth story and control like an IKEA bed frame.

Will play again as frustration took over but all in all I enjoyed my time in this universe.

This game took a lot of weird turns and twists. Really interesting story and levels. I wish the parkour test wasn't so hard, maybe adding a checkpoint system would help. I feel like I have way more questions at the end of this game than I did at the start. 

I don't know what I just played but wow. Just wow. The hardest part was the 2nd part but man was this one of the most interesting games I have played. It made me mad, but after all is said and done. I really enjoyed it. Awesome job. 

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