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There are no words, only emotions

Bread is just so good, it can't be bad for me

Random Scuffed Games #80

Vorgeschlagen von: Li_the_Wendigo

Ich bin sprachlos. Zum einen habe ich gar nichts verstanden, zum anderen fand ich das Scaling tatsächlich sehr geil, alles hat sich mit extrem reduzierten aber gezielten mitteln zu teilweise wirklich starken Atmosphären entwickelt. Derpy Horror lieben wir und das heir war einfach nur cursed!


Dito: 3.8/5

Chat: 2.6/5

Gesamt: 3.1/5


Here cause of Lauren

Man that platforming was the struggle glad I could sudoku my way into the confraternity though play here

so bad its good :3

Praise the Toast...


This is a really bad roblox game


doesnt work for macos

Came from another game after realizing that the same person who made Jimmy the ghost also made this. I played this ages ago when I didn't have an account and it was the first game off Itch I played. Now with my return, Jimmy's game is one of my first with an actual account.

Too bad this game is the only way I can enjoy gluten now that I'm confirmed to have celiac. It really scratches that "I miss bread" itch.

This game is great, but the parkour section I couldn't pass, sadly.

couldn't clear but fun

What a weird experience


Few OOB bugs, really weird collision on slanted platforms, Weird ass game bruv.

fuck the

physics engine

This game made me: Scream, spill water, and fall into despair.. (parkour level)

This was quite the fever dream of a game.  Enjoyed it, even if I didn't understand it.

I'm sorry I'm so late with this comment, but what an adorable, crispy little game!

The unusual soundtrack and off-putting sound effects really gives a ton of unease as you enter this strange world! And while the art style is simple, it also gives a very trippy feel, which I love!

The only suggestion I would have for this game is to possibly add some more sound effects that would come about at certain points in the test/forest etc., or at random points as well. Might add a bit more depth to the game overall!

Really enjoyed the game and hope this helps! :)

my head hurts from the 2nd test


wonderful job i wish i would of made it through the parkour level :( 


obviously not a native English speaker because of your minor errors e.g. writing 1o (superscript) instead of 1st, not writing No. ...

this is great

We did not get all the way through due to the time limit we had on the stream, but this was a strange experience, none-the-less. Thank you very much!


Unfortunately I didn't finish it due to the frustration that came out of the Parkour section. I enjoyed what I witnessed until then though :)


This Is very Awesome Project!!! i like it :)

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LMFAO I love this game. I'm a fan since I watched Markiplier playing it X3

Tried the second one as well :P

Thanks again for sending me the key! The game has started off just as strange as the first, I'm really curious to discover the secrets and understand this game. Here's my chapter 1! My only gripe with the game is the fact that  you have to stand right up close to each toast to see what they're talking about. Other than that, its really good!

When I first looked this game up I was so confused but I loved it. Every little hidden message to each toast was funny and so random. I had so much fun....well, until the parkour level that is!! I think I actually went a bit insane trying to complete that :'( still one of my favourite games I've played tho haha! Great work!

Why Level 2 door is not opening check my video 

By the way Nice game 5/5

There is no bug. It's deliberately done this way, to continue the game there was an arrow on the ground to the right of the door! :)

I missed that I guess :(

almost imposible to beat the parkour level

I reached the level 2  door but the door isn't opening may be some sort of bug i guess. Check my video.

I still get nam flashbacks from the maz in VRchat I just couldnt do it.. I did try tho trust me


I totally dig your games, if you need help for 3d modeling/animation/unity/programming I'll be happy to help you on your next projects.


yo, Dema! i beat your game really fast:

if you haven't played the game yet, there are definitely some spoilers in here. i loved your game man. in fact, i loved it so much, that i speedran it and now hold the World Record in the any% category. if anyone would like to challenge my World Record time of 6:16.06, i welcome you to. i am currently trying to create a page for this awesome game!! thanks so much for making it, Dema. i look forward to beating and breaking your game even further <3

Nice game! :)

Got recommended a week ago to play this game and give it a try. 

Gotta say i wasn't disappointing, game was weird and bizarre, but i liked it.

Good job!

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