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I thoroughly enjoyed this game. I thought it was very clever and look forward to looking through the rest of your catalog! 


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Hey there, just posted a video for your game.  Loved the atmosphere, the parkour section made me want to end my own life. I'm pretty sure that was the idea, though. Great job!

Great game! Not at all what i expected, well put together, and overall a true recommendation from me! not a fan of the parkour, and neither was my desk... 

This is my own personal hell. 7/10 very good

Much harder than I expected it would be

Loved it!!

Dema hey? TOP fan i assume?

Great game too, well done!

This game was pretty great, shortened the video so viewers wouldn't get bored, creepy yet fun

Welcome to one of the strangest games I’ve played followed by PURE RAGE. Hope you enjoy.


this game was so cool but weird at the same time ( in a good way ) can't believe what happened at the end XD great job on creating this game!!

This game was really Fun, Challenging, Rage inducing, But enjoyable to play! 10/10 Would recommend! 


Didn't know this was a rage game....good lord.


really fun game like the toast idea  also like how you made the game very wired and funny at the same time if that is what you were going for then you spot on i was so confused the whole play through cant wait for more!!

Interesting game that was a bit too hard for me. Stopped at the platforming. Love the minimalist style. 


I LOVED the game. I couldn't get past the parkor part of it sadly and it got me really frustrated but it was still a great game from my experiance, I'm definitely going to finish this on my own.


This is frustratingly hard but worth it... I imagine.

Crazy in depth story and control like an IKEA bed frame.

Will play again as frustration took over but all in all I enjoyed my time in this universe.

This game took a lot of weird turns and twists. Really interesting story and levels. I wish the parkour test wasn't so hard, maybe adding a checkpoint system would help. I feel like I have way more questions at the end of this game than I did at the start. 

I don't know what I just played but wow. Just wow. The hardest part was the 2nd part but man was this one of the most interesting games I have played. It made me mad, but after all is said and done. I really enjoyed it. Awesome job. 

This game was so Bizarre and interesting i loved playing it!!! it was really good!!! Lets hope for The Confraternity of Toast 2 lol. 

This game was super weird and fun, i wanna see more stuff just like this honestly ! 

Game was weird and definitely had some good scares. I personally found the maze part more frustrating then the parkour part. I can see why people would be frustrated by both though. Other then that it was still a good game, I enjoy games that have a silly and harmless start but descend into madness.


Gave it a go...

I wasn't quite sure what to expect going into this but it actually was a fun game! 

Odd game, I guess :l I didn't like the unneeded Ear-rape moments, otherwise it'd be a 'quirky game' - the 'Parkour' (Platforming) section would need a bit less frustration-inducing blocks.


Wow! Very cool game with a hell of a ending! The parkour part whooped my ass for a little bit but I finally made it past. Great job!

Youtuber: ForgedByGames

That is a must play!


This game is a wild ride. I was getting hardcore Potato Thriller vibes from the very beginning. The atmosphere had that goofy, yet suspenseful feel to it that puts the player in a weird place between thinking it's satire and thinking something horrible is about to happen. The jump scares and loud noises definitely caught me off guard the few times that they happened, and the entire game as a whole had a disorienting mix of sound engineering. The visuals were solid, I really like your style of modeling and the atmosphere definitely all matched up and mixed well. The game made me rage. Hard. It took me a while to get through the second test, but it was SO rewarding once it was finally over. I'm all about platformers that are seemingly impossible. I think this game is the perfect mix of satire,  horror and rage wrapped up in a big disorienting bundle of loud noises. I love it! Thanks so much for making this!


Hi! :D Fancy seeing you here! (I think I mentioned in this video how this game reminded me a little of HAPPY WORLD as well)

fancy seeing you here, too. i was just browsing and what do you know, it's you. and really? what a coincidence! i'll watch it

Un périple aussi wtf qu’impressionnant. Nous devions exposer au grand jour ce culte qui pourri la vie de beaucoup trop de petits pains inncocents.

I see people struggling with the part AFTER the maze but honestly I couldn't get through the maze. I tried hugging the right wall a few times but always ended up back at the start. It seemed as I got further the walls and floor would look very blurry to me and i wasn't sure if that was intentional but after staring at it for awhile it was making me nauseous.

I really wish I could have played further, though!

Look at this if you're stuck in the maze


Amazing game and loved the story but this left me with a few questions.

first of the bat, is there multiple endings? the one I had gotten just didn't feel right.

and second, is there actually a story here? or is this something you just slapped together in your free time?

also I spent 40 min on the parkour lmao.

No in this game there aren't multiple endings. and yes the game have a story (although strange and not linear).

Thanks! I’ve played through it 3 times trying to find a different ending. That good be a cool addition for your next game though. Keep up the good work!


This was cool. Lots of great locations, Super story, A really annoying jump puzzle and sounds to burst your eardrums. Overall I really enjoyed the game. A very well done... :)


Really cool game. I didn't quite get the story, but it was still very good. I loved all the side jokes and easter eggs.

Cool game I try it out.

Certainly interesting. Though best to avoid if you don't like first person platforming.


I figured this one would be similar to the last :P and the little surprise towards the end was something I did not expect.  Well done again.  5/5.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer


What a great project DEVS, I really enjoyed playing TCOT and spending 30 minutes on  that damn parkour lol (damn you hahahaha). My eye's are now hurting so it's rest time but a fantastic use of colours and the theme of toast. Would you bageleive it that I will highly recommend this game. (Sorry for the crap pun).



30 minutes of parkour? XD sorry man! thanks for the comment and for the video!

It was 30 minutes of just both fun and frastration. I'd leave it as it is and and turn it into a speed course bro.



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