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Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid here (subs and likes are highly appreciated)):


1. This was very cute and very funny! Great job! I especially adored the mini summonning circle under a tree, the scientist and Dave in the pizzeria. That was something special.

2. The game was spooky! I mean, it's so great that such a cute game managed to scare me a couple of times and even was really creepy in that dark room.

3. The sroty was well-paced and the ending was perfect. A perfect comedy, loved that a lot!


1. I feel weird that the main character sleeps in the home whereas his family in the graveyard though they are all ghosts. I mean, the game doesn't make sense (in a good way) but it feels that some elements should still make sense and it's weird that they don't. I hope you understand what I mean.

2. Dave didn't wash his hands. He didn't eat though as well. But when he didn't wash his hands he couldn't possible know that.


I enjoyed that little adventure a lot! I rate the game 5/5. I think it's wonderful! Keep up the great work! Can't wait to see more spooky games from you.

Hope my feedback was useful!

Enjoyed the game!  Great job on making it!

It is a very nice game, I absolutely love it!

10 months ago, I played Sweet Pensiveness Christmas and it was a great memory! It's time for me re-visit your new game!

this game is epic, largely because I get to play a role in it but Dema Studio has really outdone themselves again this time around. The jump scares really got me good this time around but the story kept it nice and cute. So to answer the title of this game, I guess it is a "yes"! Thanks Dema Studios for giving me this opportunity to be part of the game, hope you invite me again, I promise I'll do better voice acting next time :)

To be honest, This game is amazing. The story was good. Here is my gameplay on this game. Hope you enjoy it :) 

so much fun and actually scared me please check out my play through below 

Was not expecting much from this game, but omg was I surprised. I loved it. The goofy story, voice overs, funny moments and a horror section. A great Halloween game.

Your games are always entertaining. This was a fun one to play in the spirit of Halloween.

I guess ghosts can have infinite birthdays... And pineapple pizza is definitely NOT traditional Italian! Gordon Ramsey would be so mad XD It's a really cute story really. My friends would do the same to me at the end, haha! 

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ok so i completed playing this game a few minutes ago and i really love this game even my brother who's just 7 years old he also liked this game a lot. the most funniest thing i found was that in the graveyard i saw jimmy's grave where it was written jimmy set his whole house on fire because he saw a spider.  and a pineapple pizza is the traditional itallion pizza some parts of this game are really funny and some are really spooky. so as a last word i would say that this ia a really nice game to play i loved this game a lot  and however this is a brand new game only 4 days from published.

Pineapple pizza, please

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This game is very charming.  From the colors, to the music, to the characters, and even the little adventure. The couple of scares got me as well.

I really want to see more keep it up.   GGs   :)

     This was a nice, light-hearted horror/comedy game, which was refreshing to play after all the horror I've been playing/watching this month. Cute ghosts, jumpscares, and some very spooky pineapple pizza await.

Awww, there's a lot of people here already. I guess I'm late to join. Have to delay it because I feel kind of tired. This is a fun game to play, a light horror-comedy game which will makes you feel scarred and loving it at the same time.  Really love the narrator and kid like story, a game of it's genre indeed. The ending was anti-climatic for me thoughhhhh, I wish it can be a little bit longer. But oh well, I do not impose, it's your games after all, and it's a good one. Looking forward for more!

Very silly and somehow scary, nice job

if u read this comment, u got spooked

really good game, i love it

This game was delightful and funny and the answer is yes, a cute ghost story can be spooky!


Loved it. Your games are always fun. I made a horrible mistake and didn't take the glasses tho :)

Love the game, hate Pecan. 

I had a blast playing this,  and also hearing my angry dad voice!  Thank you Dema for the opportunity to take part in such an amazingly fun and funny game! This was fantastic! 

This game was absolutely entertaining, I had a blast recording my playthrough of this.  This was really great.  10/10 would recommend!

Was a fun little story and the jumpscares actually got me lmao. Doope game! Keep it going! 

It was a very funny/mildly scary game! i really like it

Haha nice

I enjoyed the game very much. It was very fun! 

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Some of the scares in this game got me pretty good, and the art style is adorable! I love how you can look down and see yourself, or look up and see the hat (while you have it). I was very surprised as I was playing though, at some points in the beginning it wasn't super obvious where to go, but I enjoyed that because I ended up finding the last area first and was waiting with anticipation to go in!

I kind of wish the movement wasn't so slippery, and that when going to town the transition was just a trigger (maybe if you couldn't go that way yet just include a voice line like "I should probably ..." or something), but in almost every way that matters this game felt very polished all the way though. Keeping the player confined for story segments, selectively allowing access to areas and even toggling access to specific items based on story cues rather than just closing them off. Some little hidden events that are cute, andhahasomefunnydude.

I will be recommending this, and I look forward to trying out more of your games!

Outdid yourself yet again with another masterpiece. But seriously though, my wall is busted 6 ways to Sunday... 

Guys seryously i need money to fix my wall 

Hey devs, if you read this, would you mind taking the bright flashing image off of the game page? I know people who have issues with seizures, and there's no warning anywhere. Thanks!

Hi, at the beginning of the game there is a warning for flashing lights... but actually you are right, in the game page there is not. I'm sorry for that, it's not my intention to hurt anyone so i removed the gif and added a warning before the description.

No problem at all! I just wanted to let you know because it was pretty jarring. The game itself was extremely charming and well made, can't wait to see what else you guys put out!

It was an honor to voice act in another one of your games! Amazing work, it was both terrifying and hilarious 

I loved this game definitely one of the cutest horror games I've ever played. I included gameplay for his game in a video , gameplay starts at 11:40 if you are interested in seeing my reaction.

Hello, I played this game and I really liked it, a short and sweet little game and it did make me jump a couple of times, good work :) 

Amazing game dev :D

I can see how this can be spooky indeed.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

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How did you made it?

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