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A little while back, I decided to play some games on my channel that pretended to be something cute an innocent, and I came across this game. What starts as a absolutely hilarious game about a cute little ghost and his hat, surprisingly delivers on some primo scares. This quite possibly was the funniest game I played in all of 2020. Oh, and also, #IFOUNDAFUNNYDUDEINDEMASTUDIOSGAMEHAHAHAITISSOFUNNY! Watch my Let's Play of this game here:



THIS game IS amazinggggggggg



Was super funny, scary, and fun to play! It was really humorous and really funny at the beginning and then the 'maze' with the darkness was super scary and really well balanced with the puzzle that you get to later on and the narrative story you go through at first. The narrations were perfect and well delivered in a humorous way and well recorded!

You guys have really improved since the beginning (Played the Toast game) and this game is honestly super fun and a definitely recommend to play!

Haha, it's the funniest horror I ever played  :)

ok so I don´t know why but i couldn´t finish this story which is wierd cause i play scary games all the time so ig good job

great work :)



Wonderfully funny game. I had some good laughs and even god damn scares like a little kid damnit! 

Cute but why it scare me tho made my older brother play it for me which I don't get because I play a lot of horror games its just cute games that are scary are what get me which I love ^-^.

Great stuff! It's time like these that makes me proud to be Italian. Though i prefer my pizza with kebab FTW!


Loved this game


Great game

Also, the answer to your question is...

No :'(

I absolutely loved this game 

This game was real fun and adorable!


Been laughing so hard while was playing this game! Beautiful soundtrack, tight storytelling and overall i've had a great time. 10/10


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I loved the game, its graphic style and its sense of humor. It was a great experience, and I had a lot of fun playing it.


super cool game!

i played the game and it was really fun. I also played the million pancakes game! It would help alot if you could check out my channel and subscribe! Thank you!

Cool Game But how did you make your game popular.

can you please help me because i want to make my game popular too?

Just be yourself. Create what you like and you will get what you want. ;)

Good game 10/10 <3


Dema Studios did it again. Great game as always bro.  The ending is not what I expected ^_^|| 

Love from Malaysia.

The game was an utter delight and still managed to spook me xD Loved it so much and left a follow, look forward to more!!

i frl got scared.. multiple times... wow

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I've always wanted to know the answer to that all Important question in life "Can A Cute Ghost Story Be Spooky?" Thanks Dema Studios for providing us all with the answer XD Hope you enjoy my gameplay and (non) award winning commentary and edits. Subscribe for more!


this game was amazing if you wanna check out some soooo spooky content here ya goooo!!!!

Had A great time playing. Although I dont know If I could ever trust anyone again after experiencing the Betrayal That Is Dave.



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this game was AWESOME!! i played it with my brother so i wouldn't be scared but yeah we still got jumpscared.I loved mario's voice especially when he said "pizza criminal".those mini trial where kinda fun and werent too difficult at least for me.

also when i finished washing my hand in mario's restaurant Dave kinda blocked my way out (had to  run around in the toilet so he could get behind me n move out )

The game had it's moments of creepiness and high quality scares despite how harmless and funny it seemed at times. I think it was a high quality game and worth playing for anyone who is looking at it and unsure of whether to give it a try or not.  

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love your games btw

Great game  pl,ayed it for my 3 scary games video come check it out! 

A cute ghost story indeed can be spooky, bravo for the fun time my man 

#ifoundafunnydudeindemastudiosgamehahahaitissofunny! 😂😋👍👍👍

It was a nice little story, its not spooky perse, but it was a lot of fun! And yes, pineapple on pizza is unacceptable!!! See my video about the game if you want, I do them with a lot of love :3



It was so good my brain literally melted,  now I have to get lobotomy:D

This game is so fun, the first time that I played I get scared, but I really liked it. I see that lot of people is uploading here their videos with this game and I upload a playthough (In the description is the info about te game and about Dema Studios).

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