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This was really great. I wasn't expecting much (there's a pretty mixed bag on this website) and I was very pleasantly surprised at how much I loved this.

Great, deadpan voice acting, funny writing, cute ghosts. What else could you want from a game?

Definitely go play it, and if you like, you can watch this edited video I put together on it ;)


bro #ifoundafunnydudeindemastudiosgamehahhaitssofunny

what parody is it

Is a parody about kids Halloween stories.

oh ok

lol was cute and funny. Was actually really good. I was pleasantly


 10/10 #ifoundafunnydudeindemastudiosgamehahhaitssofunny

was the #ifoundafunnydudeindemastudiosgamehahaitssofunny thing a reference to the Stanley parable GDC? either that or I'm looking too much into it

actually really good

Here is my experience playing this game, i recommend watching it if you want to play this game as well! A feedback would be nice 


I couldn't help myself... Sorry...

I played this on my channel. A few scares got me lol! What a great game :) 

its not scary it cute


Anyone else found this #?

I l

Simple and fun! I love these games Dema Studios!

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i cant get passed the bit in the crypt getting out when you found the map

I ordered pizza because of this gamel. hahaha! Very cute. Enjoyed this quite a bit.

Hello. I was wanting to play and rate your game on my youtube channel, but wanted to ask for your permission first

This game was so cute and funny, just loved it. Also pineapple absolutely belongs to pizza!! 

Amazing game and actually gave me some decent scares!

Aah, the glory of Dema studios. I've missed you. I do hope you enjoy this video

Really fun game :D JQRZN!!!

I had to do it with the Thumbnail XD


so adorable and fun !!!!

Absolutely amazing. I don't know how it's possible to scare me with such a cute art style.

Will update when video is published

truely a test of your memory

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Yo! I've just played your game and loved it the dialogue , voice acting and story were on point , I've also made a video of your game I hope you'll see it and enjoy it. <3

the logout button is gone, SAO refrence


Love it!!! The jumpscares got me and i love it XD


i love it


That was so funny.

I obviously missed this when it first came out but this was recommended to me and WOW, I love how ridiculous your games are!! This was ridiculous perfection!


i LOVED it

Yes, a cute ghost story can be spooky



A little while back, I decided to play some games on my channel that pretended to be something cute an innocent, and I came across this game. What starts as a absolutely hilarious game about a cute little ghost and his hat, surprisingly delivers on some primo scares. This quite possibly was the funniest game I played in all of 2020. Oh, and also, #IFOUNDAFUNNYDUDEINDEMASTUDIOSGAMEHAHAHAITISSOFUNNY! Watch my Let's Play of this game here:


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