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is this based off of the TWENTY ONE PILOTS dema like the towers of silence

I give this hotel 10/10 IGN but all jokes aside I actually really liked this game and want to scan the QR codes Good job Dema Studios

I had fun exploring your game!

Freaking amazing game I wish markiplier would play this

nice game guys enjoyed the playthrough bit mind boggling but fun :) looking forward to seeing more of your work. please do subscribe for daily videos


Is the name off of bates motel?

what this bates motel?




very cool game !

this has a lot of potential, keep up working on it! 


FAHRENHEIT 451 THE GAME?!?! l Bill's Hotel l Indie Game 


You find the secret! Good

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i love this game alot :-)

(i found the secret)

I'm glad you enjoyed the game!


I love when the developers put the download to 32bit

Ahahahah! I hope you enjoy this game!


A cool game. Lots of jokes but also a good story. Was fun to play and ran smoothly. Another great game... :)



#DEMA  what is J QRZN?

It's a secret! Sorry but I can't tell you.  :)

dang it, it was worth a try


That was an interesting and very strange experience, I liked completing this one as it gave me some chills and earaches :P 5/5.

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