A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


After a car accident Bill finds himself in front of a strange Hotel with his name. Bill try a forget the incident but something disturbs him psychologically... perhaps the only solution for forget is to face his mental disorders once and for ever!


Youtube: Dema studios

Gamejolt: Dema-studios

Itchio: Dema studios


• This game contains flashing lights!

• This game contains loud noises, turn down the volume!

• This game isn't suitable for children!

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Bill's Hotel (Windows 32bit).zip 70 MB
Bill's Hotel (Windows 64bit).zip 72 MB
Bill's Hotel (macOS 32bit).zip 74 MB
Bill's Hotel (macOS 64bit).zip 74 MB
Bill's Hotel (Linux 32bit).zip 77 MB
Bill's Hotel (Linux 64bit).zip 78 MB

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This is a really weird game.  I love it.  


Here is my walkthrough! I did an honest review :)


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If you wouldnt mind me asking also is J QRZN mentioned and has its meaning revealed in Confraternity of Toast?

Another awesome game! Lots of fun to play.

Youtuber: ForgedByGames

is this based off of the TWENTY ONE PILOTS dema like the towers of silence

I give this hotel 10/10 IGN but all jokes aside I actually really liked this game and want to scan the QR codes Good job Dema Studios

I had fun exploring your game!

Freaking amazing game I wish markiplier would play this

nice game guys enjoyed the playthrough bit mind boggling but fun :) looking forward to seeing more of your work. please do subscribe for daily videos


Is the name off of bates motel?

what this bates motel?




very cool game !

this has a lot of potential, keep up working on it! 


FAHRENHEIT 451 THE GAME?!?! l Bill's Hotel l Indie Game 


You find the secret! Good

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i love this game alot :-)

(i found the secret)

I'm glad you enjoyed the game!


I love when the developers put the download to 32bit

Ahahahah! I hope you enjoy this game!


A cool game. Lots of jokes but also a good story. Was fun to play and ran smoothly. Another great game... :)


Political horror game.


#DEMA  what is J QRZN?

It's a secret! Sorry but I can't tell you.  :)

dang it, it was worth a try


That was an interesting and very strange experience, I liked completing this one as it gave me some chills and earaches :P 5/5.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer