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Really enjoyed this game, shows how far a game can go to keep a player envolved without tripple A graphics. Great humour and really enjoyed overall

Had an Amazing time playing this one XD, I knew it was gonna be an experience after "I am Bread"  Great games my guy! Keep making em :D


This is the most amazing/weird horror game i have ever played

Loved playing! it was weird, funny, and scary! The best.

This game should actually be on mobile its a really good game and really funny keep it up

This was really good! The progression through the game and the wacky story line behind it... Total greatness!! 

bad or good... 100% GOOD

It was a really funny game and I was confused why it was in the horror section in at first lol. But it still managed to give out a decent jumpscare :D

Starts at 8:27 good...........

I come from part of NicoCore

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A really fun game to play through you guys did a great job with it however It made me look like a complete idiot In the process with the red X's I made a short clip showing just how bad I was be great If you could check it out:

My second post on this page because I've made two videos on the game XD

i love this game! its really funny and intresting. I pressed esc to pause... soon i realized it restarts your progress ;-; but anyways this game is EPIC


I Really enjoyed the game!! Has a lot of potiental I hope this grows even more as it has!! :) Have a great day y'all!! :D

this was a great game but when u alt tab it restarts the game and i alt tabbed where i was in last game and i exited trough front door and was in some kind of maze soo BRUH

I thought it was going to be scarier but great game!

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I love and hate this game so much. I love how unique , quirky and random it is. I hate how rage inducing the stages are. Most Amazing crazy game I have played in a long time.  

This is the best game EVER (RAGE QUITE EDITION) - The Pancakes Official Game Show Playthrough Ending

Check out my almost rage quit playthrough.

The pancakes universe deserves to be expanded on so much. Heck I want a full segment just for the sponsors lol.

This game was halarious and I LOVED IT! I encourage EVERYONE to get this game! Here is my experience with it: 

If you like the video please subscribe. If you did not like the video please leave a comment telling me what you did not like so I can improve :)

Hello! I played your game in my three random games video! It's a quite fun game... Continue making great games!

Cya around!

This is a wonderful game, it's super funny. Keep on making games!

this game is funny and scary and i liked the experience also i'm sorry that i almost finished it

this game is super funny.

dema studios is the best

A brilliant Comedy Horror Experience I'll leave my play through here Hope you enjoy my editing and wacky personality Feedback would be great :)


love this so funny! But with jump scares! Perfect mash up! Please check out my play through below :) 


good game but i pressed escape at the maze portion of the game because i thought it was the pause button and it booted me back at the main menu and now i refuse to play the rest of the game h

I finnished the game under 2 hours! Woohoo!(BTW nice game)

This game was so fun to play! Also it was very funny,  especially when the game would tell me to do some really silly objectives. Like when the game tells you why not jump out the window,  it's much faster than taking stairs.  That  moment really made me laugh. All in all I really like this game.

Amazing! But, how long does it takes to create this game?

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Ok this game was definitely an experience! I couldn't stop laughing and raged a little bit haha. And the voice acting was great!

Great soundtrack, superior graphic and character design. This is simply the best game on this planet. 1,000,000 pancakes/10

This was one of the first games I've played of Dema studios...

It was completely worth it! Thank you for making this game!

Another hilarious and entertaining game Dema! I had fun playing this one! 

This is a very funny and good game! A must play~

What an experience, you never fail to deliver Dema! I low-key hated parts of it cause of the anger you’ve caused me in other games 😅 but I liked the purposeful story to it. Voice acting was great too, good job! :) Game play is below if interested

Damn bro good game even check out my vid but not trayna promote tho :)))


muusic gooooooood


This was a lot of fun!! 


that was ....... something o_o

nice game dude ! , keep up the good work :D


Message me next time you need some voice actors. I've done that sort of thing on Scratch before, (Although its old stuff I'm not that proud of) and I'd love to be in a game.


mega funy, had a blast!!!!!! btw, is it possible for someone to find the secret qr code that's intentionally shaking to prevent you from scanning it? 


I tried taking a picture of it and then scanning it, all I got was an error. 😒


Nice dude it's Weird and Funny, nice work!

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