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i just played the first one and i was amazing good job 

I will ask my parents for money to buy this. You deserve it and you have done it Dema :)



Please make it free. Even though I am not a youtuber I would like to play it without paying anything. Thanks! P.S. I also played the first one and thought it was incredible!

The Confraternity is back, and I, as the Best Protagonist(TM, also undisputed) must rescue the amazing director Dema, who has been kidnapped by Toast x Master!

Or so it seems... but as previous Dema games have shown, not everything is always laid out as it initially appears to be.

Join me (and Dema) on a trek through some old memories, some crumbling toasty societies and even a spoopy jump scare maze as we try to crack the mysteries of the Confraternity of Toast (2)!

Honestly, this is quite a trip, and if you've played any of Dema's previous games you'll feel right at home in this delightful oddity of a game. Get stuck in, but try not to be consumed by the doughy terrors within!

Cool game!

i had created a vid for the confraternity of toast and post it on your game page 2 months ago but i dont have a twitter account

Hello! To receive the free game key you must have made videos of all three games. once you have done, I will contact you via email (I use the email you have on the Youtube profile)

oops my bad... i think i can get it by create only one tho 

I would totally play but I don't have money! oopsies!

Love your games though! :>

I thought the first game was peak weirdness... I was wrong!


Well that was a strange experience but I really enjoyed that, another view of toast I have done.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer