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The Confraternity is back, and I, as the Best Protagonist(TM, also undisputed) must rescue the amazing director Dema, who has been kidnapped by Toast x Master!

Or so it seems... but as previous Dema games have shown, not everything is always laid out as it initially appears to be.

Join me (and Dema) on a trek through some old memories, some crumbling toasty societies and even a spoopy jump scare maze as we try to crack the mysteries of the Confraternity of Toast (2)!

Honestly, this is quite a trip, and if you've played any of Dema's previous games you'll feel right at home in this delightful oddity of a game. Get stuck in, but try not to be consumed by the doughy terrors within!

Cool game!

i had created a vid for the confraternity of toast and post it on your game page 2 months ago but i dont have a twitter account

Hello! To receive the free game key you must have made videos of all three games. once you have done, I will contact you via email (I use the email you have on the Youtube profile)

oops my bad... i think i can get it by create only one tho 

I would totally play but I don't have money! oopsies!

Love your games though! :>

I thought the first game was peak weirdness... I was wrong!


Well that was a strange experience but I really enjoyed that, another view of toast I have done.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer