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The maze section is my own personal Christmas hell...


Really interesting game, I love strange, surreal experiences like this.  I especially like the design of the little car guys, really fun and whimsical little guys.  Eat your heart out, Lightning McQueen!  I recorded my playthrough, you can see it here: 


Interesting and really weird game. I did not understand the orange room puzzle. I overall liked the atmosphere in the game. Overall a fun little game.

I thought that this game is supposed to be funny but turn out at the end it is really sad story. Nice game and story BTW! 


Great like all of your games! You're my favorite Indie developer Dema, keep up!


Thanks! :)

The game won't load the subtitles for me. I tried both windows versions on default settings and different resolution options, but I can't get the subtitles to work.

Did you try the 1920x1080 resolution? with my computer it works. Play with the fullscreen.

The highest resolution my computer lets me set is 1600x900 in full screen  

wow, what a beautyful game!!

My son was HIT BY A CAR ON CHRISTMAS EVE! (very sad) 😥

This was great. Story seemed a bit weird until you read the spoiler at the end and then it all made sense. Typical Dema graphics style and sounds which all work fantastic as usual. Another great game. Happy Christmas... :)


it is not loading the subtitles!

When you start the game a window appears with the game settings. Sets to 1920x1080 (16:9). Maybe you played with different settings. What operating system do you have?

i tried with mac osx, windows, windowed, fullscreen, and a lot of resolutions !!

really wanted to play this game haha


Very funny, very weird as always. Nice Job


Welcome back spectators and Dev,

What can I say about this game?  It was hysterical, frustrating, truthful and downright sad.

BUT I really enjoyed it, it made me laugh my ass off. 

Thanks for showing us your creation developer.

- L


Amazing game dev had so much fun playing it :) i hoe you enjoy my gameplay 


Really Nice game and the story was also good.....Want to see more stuff like that do let me know. Rated 5/5. Your Subscription will be highly appreciated on my channel :) 

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