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Short and sweet.  I hope I didn't miss any by mistake.

I downloaded the game, but there is nothing in the zip file.

This experiment...
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Like the bright colors and low poly graphics. Your style itself is great Dema studios, this one is your most simple game about criticizing the goverment. This one is pretty easy, like it.




I loved this game, I also made a video of me playing it on my youtube channel, Check it out if you want.

What version of MacOSX is needed? I can't seem to boot it.

Do you have MacOS 32bit or 64bit?

The game? 64.

Try to download "macOS (32bit)"

Nope. :/ Oh well…

This is my vid!! I really liked this game and it was fun in its own way


this game wasn't interesting like the others and it was too short

check out my gameplay if you d like? :D


With all these videos, you basically advertised my game jam as well! Thanks! :)

So far I love all your games. They are so weird and fun

very nice!

the game won't download : (

Oh no, why?

thank you for responding! forgive me, i worded the prev. comment wrong- the game won't launch. i tried downloading both zip files and neither of them would launch. also i'm not sure if it matters but i'm on a mac.

Try to disable the antivirus and start it as an administrator (right click on the game and "run as administrator").


So fun!


as bizarre as it was I had fun! Good job for the time it took to make! 


Awesome little game jam game. Well done. If you decide to make it into a longer game like your other games let me know.  Thanks again for the invite! 

Youtuber: ForgedByGames

Thanks for playing!

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Hello, I got your message about this game, it was a little shorter than I expected compared to your others, however I did not realise it was made in one day for a JAM but If you plan on building more let me know.  If I see this on gamejolt I will support it there too.  5/5.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

Thanks for playing! i upload this game on Gamejolt when the voting on itchio ends.

Hi, I've published this game on gamejolt.

#DEMA J QRZN. Remember, Anarchy is great.

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All hail the king supreme boss