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hahaha! What a great ending! Dema you never cease to amaze me!

A fun little creepy adventure navigating through dreams and such.

I liked this, it was very different from games I normally play and was very refreshing. 

This was a strange and awesome game!  Thanks for sending me this game, I had a lot of fun playing it.  

Dema studios you’ve done it again, you somehow managed to trigger me 😅😭 (my own fault this time in dream 3 along with the ending 😂) had lots of fun playing this game, different take on horror n I enjoyed it! Oh, and the lemonade....

This game was awesome and funny. It really is a unique game and a breath of fresh air from  other games that take themselves too seriously. Awesome game

What a wild ride, with an ending I never expected! Great work :D

I must play the rest of your games! They all have that particular style that I enjoy. This one was good fun, I'm guessing that lemonade button was also in the Confraternity of Toast 2 right? And its just a troll lol. I'll look at Bill's Hotel next! Keep up the great work :D

Gave it a go...

Played your game in a combo video. Hope you enjoy

I loved this game and the SPOOKY jumpscare in the maze! Great Job!

Game was amazing.... I like the animation of door, how he try to scare you. Nice Work :D

After 40 minutes trying to super precision hit the light switch on the wall... the whole experience of this game was ruined. I understand making something difficult, but jesus christ, that thing had me ready to esplode! At NO point was the "press E" showing up after all but impaling myself on the switch, and I left the game frustrated and angered. Maybe I'll come back to this after I don't hate it so much. 

Well that was weird but interesting.

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Had fun trying out this game!  Great job! :) 

fun little game :D in other news i cant jump

That was pretty neat but unfortunately i got disturbed part the way through

And the screenshot library is here.

Good Luck and all the best to you lovely people.


little funny game. 

That was a crazy game with a hilarious twist!

i knew we couldn't trust those fricking doors! haha great game btw i had  fun playing the game. keep up the good work! (spanish play-through)

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Grazie ;)

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Italiano 100%. Il gioco è in Inglese per attrarre più gente!

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Always interested to see your games will be like after playing Confraternity of Toast lol really interesting and weird game! Always gonna be a loyal follower of the cult of toast!

Definitely made the best of this short and very weird indie title! IS it bad that I actually got scared by the doors....

Weird game, I expected nothing less! Had a blast! 

I played your game and had fun. Good job. (Skip to 2:52)

I enjoyed this. Pretty bizarre and unique.

Made a video

Well this definitely fit the game jam brief...

Another great game it's beautiful :)

Really cool game! Enjoyed the maze!

Another great and confusing game. Nice work!

This game was really fun, I really enjoyed it :)

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This game is so short but it is scary and funny too. I really enjoy this game. Why are doors so scary?  

This was hilarious! Never thought a door could jump scare me but that happened. This game was very interesting and I loved the ending. Overall a very enjoyable game, keep up the good work :D 

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)


I really enjoyed it !

especially the ending XD

I always love your crazy games !

here's my gameplay !


LOvely :)


The game is really awesome good game dev :D

I hope you enjoy my gameplay


This was well made and with that Dema style it's easy to get right into. A cool ending to finish the game was great too. Well done... :)


All done, a game for the #svilupparegiochijam is a good start for me, dam you for that lemonade!

YouTuber: Fellowplayer

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