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This was a cute and charming yet spooky game in some ways but that's exactly what this game is supposed to be. Enjoyed every moment of it and will have to check some of your other games. Great job! Game starts at 11:18 in the video.

I love your game :)

I found it jumpscare but obviously cool game!

Pretty good game! Very long Very scary 9/10

Was a very cool game i enjoyed it


You know, i think this game deserves a sequel. What do you think? I want to see Dave again and want to see Jimmy get his money back :D

This game was really cool with cute story and a few spooks.

I cant believe that i was genuinely scared of this game lol, if you could check out my gameplay of it and maybe subscribe it'd mean the world to me. Have a good day :)
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Surprisingly good. It is pretty much exactly what it promises to be, and the fact that it has a puzzle that isn't just point&click AND a few genuine jumps was really great. I was surprised at how much fun I actually managed to get out of this. Feels like your playing something your best friend made specially for you. 

It was enjoyable, but that music needs a volume bar. My lady and I were rushing though to just get it outta our heads. 

it was very cute but fukc i was scared of some jumpscares

i loved it

i loved the music best cute game ever

Really fun game! Any secrets with JQRZN? It seems important :O

This was without a doubt the cutest most awesome spooky game ive EVER played! I loved every second of it LOL and I want MORE JIMMY GAMES PLEASE :) 

i indeed think it is funny #ifoundafunnydudeindemastudiosgamehahahaitissofunny!


BEST GHOST ADVENTURE AND STORY 11/10 But seriously, this was such a cute game, it gave me Spooky's house of jump- scare vibes but more MS Paint oriented & more story based, if that makes sense... Honestly I really well made game. Love it!

This is why I enjoy indie games, in a nutshell- there's serious games, but we can't JUST play serious games, or at least that's my opinion.

Was not expecting this! Very nice game!


This was really great. I wasn't expecting much (there's a pretty mixed bag on this website) and I was very pleasantly surprised at how much I loved this.

Great, deadpan voice acting, funny writing, cute ghosts. What else could you want from a game?

Definitely go play it, and if you like, you can watch this edited video I put together on it ;)


bro #ifoundafunnydudeindemastudiosgamehahhaitssofunny

what parody is it

Is a parody about kids Halloween stories.

oh ok

lol was cute and funny. Was actually really good. I was pleasantly


 10/10 #ifoundafunnydudeindemastudiosgamehahhaitssofunny

was the #ifoundafunnydudeindemastudiosgamehahaitssofunny thing a reference to the Stanley parable GDC? either that or I'm looking too much into it

actually really good


I couldn't help myself... Sorry...

I played this on my channel. A few scares got me lol! What a great game :) 

its not scary it cute


Anyone else found this #?

yeah! its in the place where you find the map

I l

Simple and fun! I love these games Dema Studios!

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i cant get passed the bit in the crypt getting out when you found the map

I ordered pizza because of this gamel. hahaha! Very cute. Enjoyed this quite a bit.

Hello. I was wanting to play and rate your game on my youtube channel, but wanted to ask for your permission first

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